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Privacy policy of the website

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Your privacy is very important for us. We want your Internet experience to be pleasant and useful, and you use the widest range of information, tools and opportunities which are offered by the Internet absolutely free.

The personal information of subscribers collected at registration (or any other time) is mainly used for preparation of Products or Services according to your requirements. Your information will not be transferred or sold to the third parties.

Why the data are collected?

The name is used to address to you personally, and your e-mail address is used to send you e-mails and news. You can unsubscribe and delete  the contact information from the database at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link which is found in each letter.

How the data are used?

Cookies and visitors data of  Google Analytics are used On the website.

By means of this data information on visitors action on the website is collected for the purpose of content improvement, improvement of website functionality and, as a result, qualitative content  and services for visitors creation.

You can change browser settings any time to block all cookie files or notify when sending these files. You should consider that some functions and services will not function properly.

How the data are protected?

To protect  your personal information we use various  administrative and technical security measures. Our Company adheres to various international standards of control directed to operations with personal information which include certain control measures on the information security collected in the Internet.

Our employees are trained to understand and perform these control measures, they are informed of our Notice about confidentiality, standards and instructions.

Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that we seek to secure your personal information, you have to take measures to protect it too.

We strongly recommend you to take all possible precautionary measures while Internet experience. Our services and web-sites provide measures for protection against leak, unauthorized use and change of information which we control. In spite of the fact that we do everything possible to provide integrity and safety of the network and systems, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will prevent illegal access to this information of third parties hackers.

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