LoRa Alliance Member

ROSSMA is a member of the international community of equipment producers according to LoRaWAN standard – LoRa Alliance.

LoRa Alliance Member
Engineering company ROSSMA – russian developer and manufacturer of hardware and software for the Internet of things (IoT) market and industrial Internet of things (IIoT).
Our aim is to provide guaranteed information chain from sensors, technology and household equipment to user applications and remote control of the technology and household equipment.
EU Cerified
All devices are
EU Certified

The company mission is to make automation simpler, easier and more available
Activity area
Equipment manufacturing and software development

"field" equipment manufacturing based on own ROSSMA IIoT-AMS platform, own program IIoT platform for dara aggregation and interpretation, industry application servers


integration gateways with platform solutions (SCADA, MES, ADCS, automated system of electric power technical metering/automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption). We provide integration into your platforms and solutions.

Service support

installation, guarantee and post guarantee service support

Research and development (R&D) of LPWAN solutions

implementation of end-to-end solutions, such, as: "ismart pipeline", "digital well", "digital drilling site", "smart housing and public utilities" and others.

ROSSMA is a participant of the international IEEE Association. The company possesses unique OUI — identifier of network equipment manufacturer.

The main activity of the company is equipment and software manufacturing using LPWAN technology (according to LoRaWAN and NB-IoT standards) in the industry, public energy service and in transport.

ROSSMA produces the products based on own patented ROSSMA IIoT-AMS solution - Universal autonomous wireless measuring and switching device for controllers and sensors with digital and analog outputs.

ROSSMA IIoT-AMS solution is oriented for data telemetry and telecontrol of a wide range of industrial and household purpose equipment.

ROSSMA is a registered trade mark.

9 Chkalova St., bld. "I"


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