ROSSMA® IIOT-AMS 1-Wire Ex autonomous switching device

ROSSMA® IIOT-AMS 1-Wire Ex autonomous switching device with digital 1-Wire temperature sensor for application in explosion hazardous zones of manufacturing facilities.

ROSSMA® IIOT-AMS 1-Wire Ex autonomous switching device

Автономный LoRaWAN коммутатор ROSSMA® IIOT-AMS 1-Wire Ex

Works with following sensors:

For operation with the following sensors: With temperature sensor with digital 1-Wire interface.

  • 1 Digital 1-Wire input
  • Adjustable measurement discreteness from 1 time/min
  • Compelling measurement capability


  • Connection interface: 1-Wire
  • Communication period/battery discharge time 14 A/h: 1 min/90 days, 2 min/180 days, 10 min/300 days, 1 h/3 years 150 days
  • Operating temperature range t,°С: -55… +85
  • Device class in LoRaWAN® network: A
  • Activation in LoRaWAN® network: OTAA/ABP (adjustable), ALT – by default
  • Antenna type: internal
  • Transmitter output power: 25 mW (adjustable)
  • Sensitivity:-138 dBm
  • Power supply voltage: 3.6 V integrated power supply, 14 A/h capacity, size: D.
  • Built-in battery measurement: Yes (sends data every time you connect)
  • Casing dimensions, mm: 75х70х55
  • Mounting: directly to the sensor, struts to the support, to DIN-rail, wall
  • Radio range: up to 5 km in urban development; Up to 15 km in rural areas.
1ExeIICT4 Gb, IP66
Autonomous up to 10 years
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