Autonomous measuring and switching device ROSSMA® IIOT-AMS ESD (Equipment Security Device)

Autonomous security device to ensure the remotely installed equipment safety.


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Autonomous measuring and switching device ROSSMA® IIOT-AMS ESD (Equipment Security Device)

Equipment Security Device 14A/h LoRaWAN/NB-IoT

Works with following sensors:
The ROSSMA IIOT-AMS ESD switching device is an autonomous device equipped with sensitive elements designed to monitor the safety of static objects. It allows, when installed on the protected equipment, to ensure its safety by transmitting a message about the operation of sensitive sensors installed in the switching device, responding to an attempt to dismantle or destroy the protected static equipment.

ROSSMA IIOT-AMS ESD is a device equipped with sensitive elements recording:

– inclinations of the housing by an angle of more than 15 degrees;

– vibration and impact on the device housing;

– vibration and impact on the equipment housing to which ROSSMA IIOT-AMS ESD is attached using piezo-electric sensor.


Additionally, external fire protection sensors of the following types can be connected to ROSSMA IIOT-AMS ESD:

  • Contact – control of opening of doors, gates, windows;
  • Movement – moving detection inside the protected area (premises, territory);
  • Acoustic – detection of destruction of glazed structures;
  • Vibration – detection of impact, increased vibration in the protected area (wall, equipment housing, perimeter fencing, pipelines, masts, etc.);
  • Water leak indicator – leak detection at device contact with liquid;
  • Gas leakage sensor – detection of increased concentration of gases (methane, propane, carbon monoxide, etc.);
  • Tilt sensor – response to changing position of protected equipment;
  • Temperature sensors – detection of temperature rise above threshold;
  • Smoke sensors – smoke detection in the protected area;
  • Manual detectors (alarm buttons) – generation of an alarm signal manually by eyewitnesses (employees, duty personnel).
Outdoor IP65
Autonomous up to 10 years
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