Autonomous measuring and switching device ROSSMA® IIOT-AMS TILT COUNTER Ex

Switching device ROSSMA IIOT-AMS Tilt Counter registers the slope of the switching device casing to
an angle more than 15 degrees and performs slope counting. The switching device operates in autonomous mode and provides wireless communication in LoRaWAN or NBiOT network.


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Autonomous measuring and switching device ROSSMA® IIOT-AMS TILT COUNTER Ex

Tilt Counter LoRaWAN/NB-IoT

Tilt Counter LoRaWAN/NB-IoT

Tilt Counter LoRaWAN/NB-IoT

Works with following sensors:

For operation with the following sensors:

Designed for operation with devices and mechanisms, where it is necessary to check the presence of swing (slope) of movable parts.

The composition has two sensitive elements for slope recording.

The switching device can be used in industrial enterprises, infrastructure of housing and communal facilities, in hard-to-reach places (wells, basements). The switching device gives a possibility to install control measuring instruments in places with no power supply, operates in difficult climatic and weather conditions.


The switching device is supplied with a 3.6 V power supply.

The power cell of the ROSSMA IIOT-AMS TILT COUNTER switching device is a built-in battery with  capacity of 1200/6000/9000/14000/19000/20000 mAh, designed for a service life of up to 10 years when counting readings and transmitting data once a day.

Counting and summing of tilts number is performed constantly. The package with the counted data is transmitted in wireless network with 1 minute period (it is not recommended to set the discreteness less than 1 minute for a long autonomous operation mode). The read data are stored in the switching device memory.

Data transmission period is configured using special commands in wireless network. By default, the manufacturer sets the data transmission discreteness to 1 time per 15 minutes. The data is transmitted according to the specified timer, which is installed in the internal memory of the switching device.

The switching device is powered by a built-in 3.6 V power supply. 20A/h cell capacity designed for 10 years.

When Prompt for Confirmation option is disabled, the switching device sends the current data to the network with the specified discreteness. There is no package delivery check in this mode. There are no untransmitted packages in the switching device memory.

The switching device communication time is controlled by LoRaWAN network server and can be set by command.


  • Operating temperature range t,°С: -55…+ 85
  • Built-in temperature sensor: Yes (sends data every time you connect)
  • Antenna type: internal
  • Power supply voltage: 3.6 V integrated power supply, capacity 20 A/h, size: D.
  • Built-in battery measurement: Yes (ends data every time you connect)
  • Casing dimensions, mm: 75х70х55
  • Mounting: directly to the sensor, struts to the support, to DIN-rail, wall


  • Device class in LoRaWAN® network: A
  • Activation in  LoRaWAN® network: OTAA/ABP (adjustable), ALT – default
  • Transmitter output power: up to 100 mW (adjustable), by default 25 mW
  • Sensitivity:-138 dBm
  • Radio range: up to 5 km in urban development; Up to 15 km in rural areas.
  • Frequency plan: RU868, EU868, IN865, AS923, AU915, KR920, US915, KZ865, arbitrary (on the basis of EU868) – adjustable.


  • Exchange rate: 25/20 kbps (single – tone) or 60 kbps (multi – tone) (DL/UL)
  • Radio frequency bands: B1/2/3/5/8/12/13/17/ 18/19/20/25/26/28/66/70
1ExeIICT4 Gb, IP66
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